The specialists of "3D project" are not only professional project designers, but also are experts in the field of Building Information Modeling with longstanding experience of actual performance. Due to unique combination of multifaceted development and high qualification of our collective, we are capable of rendering a wide scope of services.

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Projecting in

the sphere of BIM

The company "3D project" is fully oriented on projecting with the use of Information modeling (BIM). Each process in the company is built taking into account this specificity. The use of Information Modeling allows us to create a unique product for the customer, where each solution is in harmony with the other ones.

Our projects are not only a set of drawings. These are virtual prototypes of structures in design stage with level of development (LOD) for each stage of projecting whether this be Project (LOD300), Construction Documents (LOD350-400) or Construction Survey (LOD500).

Our information models, at the request of the customer, can be supplied with specific information necessary for estimates, scheduling, construction, and as well updated on the basis of the construction results to be transfered to the building management function.

As a rule, our integrated Information Models contain Architectural Solutions, Reinforced Concrete and Steel Constructions, Engineering Systems, Elements of Technological Saturation of the Construction project and Improvements.




The information model is a very convenient tool for the implementation of construction design  supervision and control of the construction process. First of all, this is due to the wide possibilities of volume representation of any solution and easy access to information about the elements constituting it. The use of Information Models in the Constrcution Design Supervision allowed us to accelerate the decision-making processes that correct the construction, ensure their timeliness and minimize the impact of adjustments on the construction time.



If you have a classic project (two-dimensional documentation) or an existing building, and you need its Information Model, our team can offer a service to create such a model, taking into account your requirements for both detailing and information saturation.


If you have an idea or partnership proposal, there is no time like the present!

Integration of

BIM technology

Based on many years of experience in integrating and using Information Modeling technology, the "3D Project" team is capable of:

  • carrying out the analysis of production processes at your enterprise;
  • preparing recommendations, promoting organic and painless implementation of BIM-technology to the production ;
  • developing and carrying out the plan of effective implementation of BIM-technology (with training staff on methods and approaches of modeling and managing);
  • regularly increasing qualification of employees already possessing BIM-technology, taking into account new trends.;
  • supporting the project activity of your specialists, helping solve non-standard tasks.

All this will allow your enterprise to enter a new technological level, increase quality  and investment attractiveness of the end-product at the expense of potential laid by modeling.